Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth


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Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth

The Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth are super high quality sports headphones that feature amazing sound quality with deep bass! They are made with a waterproof case, so perfect for gym workouts or any form of exercise. Note you can’t swim or shower with them.

The Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth include a built in 32GB memory, this can store well over 7000 MP3 songs! This way you do not have to carry your phone around with you at the gym.
They also feature the latest Bluetooth 5 with a 10 meter transmission range.

Compared to Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0, 4.1,the latest version 5.0 features faster & stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption.

You can also answer calls from your mobile with a press of a button while listening to music!

The Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth feature a unique design so that they stay snugly in your ear, no fear of falling out while running or working out.

Perfect For Gym Workouts

Don’t like carrying your phone while working out? Have no fear these Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth have a built in 32GB Internal Memory, save over 7000mp3s in the memory and leave your phone in your gym bag.

Who wants to risk dropping a dumbbell on a $1000 Smart Phone! Plus you can get a more intense training session by avoiding the common distractions that mobile phones create in gyms!

Never Fall Out

This Sports Wireless Ear Buds Helps you Feel what a Real Freedom is – Run free, forget you’re wearing headphones, feel the beat with the Extreme Sound and run with the wind! Words can’t describe it, you gotta just feel it. Turn on the sound and push yourself to the max!

The Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth will stay fit and snug in your ears. Forget about those ear buds that keep falling out, yes they suit some people but for many their ears are not suited to the ear bud type of unit.

These headphones have a unique, soft, flexible ear loop that goes over your ears and around the back of your head. There is no other attachment that weighs down the unit, they are extremely light and comfortable to wear.

They stay in place throughout all your gym workouts, or running and any other intense sporting activities.

With Carrying Case

The headphones come with a zipper case for better protection.Carry it with you wherever you go.

They feature high-fidelity stereo sound quality with aptx codec and CSR8645 chipset. These headphones are compatible with most smartphones, iPhone and Android.

They have a power off memory feature which is great for audio books, as your playback will begin from where you last listened.

IPX6 Sweat-Proof + Water Resistant (Not for Swimming or Showering)

New wireless earbuds upgraded IPX6 sweat proof rating, prevent the headphones damaged from ordinary splashing water and rain. Keep the earphones working well no matter whether you’re getting drenched in sweat after a grueling workout.

(Notice:the shell of 963A is not fully closed,we treat the nano coating on the PCBA to achieve waterproof sweat proof,not suitable for swimming)

Because these headphones have a built in internal 32GB memory there is no concerns about water or sweat entering through an SD card slot! The memory is inside a waterproof, coated case!

Sweat is often an issue that causes devices to malfunction, so you have no worries about these headphones getting exposed to sweat from tough workouts.

Sports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth Specifications:

Transmission range: 10 meters

Function: Battery display, call function, voice control, support music, multi-point connection

Bluetooth protocol: 5.0

Channel: Stereo

Usage: Hanging ear type

Whether single or dual ear: Bilateral stereo

Memory: 32GB Built in the Unit

Packing list: Music headset x1

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Sports Headphones 32GB BluetoothSports Headphones 32GB BluetoothSports Headphones 32GB BluetoothSports Headphones 32GB BluetoothSports Headphones 32GB BluetoothSports Headphones 32GB BluetoothSports Headphones 32GB Bluetooth


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